March 31, 2017


Commence. Begin en français. A single word with grande potential. For as long as I can remember I have had a spark inside of me - a love of learning, a desire to create, and a longing for Paris (that I can trace back to my Madeline doll and Ludwig Bemelman's beautifully imagined old house in Paris cover in vines...). That spark is still glimmering, and I have made a decision to honor it. I want to take the desire that I have carried with me for so long and act on it, bringing something unique into the world.
About a week ago I received a weekly newsletter from a writer, blogger and podcaster who inspires me every day, Shannon Ables of the Simply Luxurious Life blog and the Simple Sophisticate podcast. Her words very much resonated with me:
What have you taken a risk for lately? What are you hoping materializes as you set your goals, have your hopes and dare to dream? May I today encourage you to stretch beyond what you think you are capable of and take that risk one more time if you haven't already attained what you seek? Regardless of your answer, you can probably guess, I am going to ask you to take that risk. Why? Because whether it is with career dreams, travel dreams, romantic dreams or personal, individualized dreams, the reality that can appear before your eyes has the capability of being something you never imagined in your mind's eye or perhaps brushed aside as utterly impossible. 

I'm one to sit on things for a while. To think about them, but not actually begin. The craziest part is that I know very well that when I do finally choose to begin, incredible things can take shape. What holds me back is the unknown. But Shannon is absolutely right. That which has the potential to blossom from simply beginning can stretch beyond your wildest dreams. You just have to take that leap.
Of course the unknown remains. I am not at all certain of where this journey will take me, but I know that I must begin. Commence. Welcome to my little corner of the world. May it inspire you, encourage you, and connect you to a community dedicated to the pursuit of passions.

Warm wishes from me to you,

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