April 8, 2017

A Taste of France in STL: the Demun Oyster Bar Farmer's Market

This morning I went on a neighborhood walk with new surprises in store. I absolutely love my neighborhood because just a short walk from my building I can take a calming yoga class, hit the sweet shop, check out a local boutique, enjoy a glass of wine at the wine bar, or sit and read at one of my favorite coffee shops, not to mention the two beautiful parks I can see from my windows. 

As I rounded the corner towards Kaldi's coffee for my morning cup, a new treasure awaited. Today kicked off Demun Oyster Bar's weekly hosting of the Greater St. Louis Community Farmer's Market which will take place every Saturday from 8am to noon this spring and summer. While not everything about this market is quintessentially French, shopping locally and on foot is a very Parisian way of life. 

This charming market featured meats, fish, sauces, breads and produce. Of course it was the impressive variety of loaves that caught my eye. As I explored Hummingbird Kitchen's selection, I knew in an instant the crusty gruyère was coming home with me. Gruyère is the star ingredient in one of my favorite "amuse bouches", gougères (cheese puffs). See links below for one of my favorite STL spots to enjoy these bite size pieces of heaven, as well as a gougère recipe that's on my list to try. 

Walking home with a fresh loaf of locally made bread made me feel just the slightest bit Parisian, and I loved every second. 

Check out these links mentioned above:

Warm wishes from me to you and bon appétit,

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