April 16, 2017

Bonjour BuJo (n°3): Design Inspiration

Last night was one of those Saturday nights were I lost track of the hour as I worked on some journal spreads for May. May is still two weeks away, and I am in no way wishing away April. I just love the promise of a clean spread, and when I see one I can't help myself but make it into something beautiful. My favorite spreads don't just appear like magic on the page. A lot of careful planning goes into the process. 

My first step is usually to consult my Pinterest board and scan the latest posts of my favorite BuJo Instagrammers (so many inspiring ones out there!). From there, I think about color scheme, embellishments, and overall layout. 

*Color Scheme:  Starting with a color scheme gives my spreads a more cohesive, finished feel. I know my black pens will always be a key player, so I begin by pulling shades from my drawer of colored pens and highlighters

*Embellishments: I might also grab a few rolls of washi tape that I feel fit the overall vibe I am going for. I've been playing with stamps and ink lately, so I will pull those items as well if I feel they will be a nice touch to the page. If I think I want some shine, I pick a metallic gel pen or two. 

*Overall Layout: This is where seeing images of other journalers' spreads really helps. I typically make weekly spreads ahead of time because I love to see my week at a glance, and my busy weeks don't always allow me time to work on spreads. Making the whole week at once ensures that I will be prepared for any plans that come up or ideas that pop into my head. When creating a layout, I consider what I will need to include. Spaces for daily plans and to dos are a must. For this spread, I also included a tracker (more to come on this) as I am working on exercising, reading, and studying French every day. I've also discovered a need for a special to do list for blog work. :) 

Here are some pictures that inspired the spread I created last night, along with my final product. You can see that I have taken inspiration from several places and pulled different elements to make the spread my own. 

(left: design inspiration + right: my final spread)

What inspires you when you BuJo? I would love any recommendations for blogs, Instagrammers, etc. Let me know in the comments!

Warm wishes and little inspiration from me to you,

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