April 27, 2017

Bonjour BuJo (n°5): Setting Up the Index

Bonjour fellow bullet journalers! I hope you enjoyed creating your keys. :)

Today we move to the next step of bullet journal set up, the index. If you went with the Leuchtturm1917 journal, this step won't apply to you as your journal has a built in Index. You are already set up and ready to go! For anyone working with a Moleskine like me or any other plain journal, a little set up will be necessary but will also take you a long way. 

The index is just that - a place to keep track of the location of various calendars, monthly plans, daily plans, lists, etc. in your journal. Every page in the journal (beginning after the index) is numbered. I love numbering by hand, but again my Leuchtturm friends have another box already checked with pre numbered pages! You record the contents of the page and its number or number range here. Below is a photo of the index in my first bullet journal - very simple. I set aside four pages and labeled each index across the top. It looks like I will only end up using two pages, but it's better to have extra space than not enough. You can see that I distinguished the start of a new month with colored boxes. Along the way, I also put little symbols to the left of pages I found myself referring to often. There's that evolution again. :) 

This time around, I wanted to change the index up a bit (though I am going to stick with four pages). I was talking to a friend at lunch last week who asked me if I'd ever seen the two column index. This version includes a column for calendar related pages (ones you are less likely to go back to) and another for collection pages (lists, etc. that you might refer to often - more on this to come!). After scrolling through my Pinterest board for inspiration, I discovered that I had in fact pinned this very design. It felt like a sign that it was worth trying. I really loved the sea green, black and gold theme used in my key and chose to carry that through to my index. This was totally a personal preference - you can design this in any way you'd like! I love the little globes (washi tape purchased at Hobby Lobby). You can tell my European travels are on my mind... 

I'm excited to see how the two column index works for me and I will let you know if I recommend it! Whichever route you take, the index is an important piece of your journal. Because a bullet journal flows fairly freely, things end up where they end up. Having a quick reference makes journal use incredibly efficient and friendly. 

Happy index creation! I would love to see photos of what you create! Tag me on Instagram. You can hashtag your images #fdstlbujosetupseries. I'm always looking for new inspiration. :) 

Warm wishes from me to you,

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