April 30, 2017

Fleur de St. Louis' First Month: Ce que j'ai appris (what I've learned)

A month ago I started this journey to pursue my passion, to begin something that has been my desire for some time now. It is amazing to me how much one month of following my dream has taught me, and how many doors it has opened already. Today's post is a reflection as much as it is a jumping off point for what's to come. Here's what I've learned:
  • It is possible to have a deeper connection with your community. Taking this leap has encouraged me to step out more. Whether it is a trip to the farmer's market, a stop at a pop-up pâtisserie, or a local book talk, I have found myself taking more advantage of what my city has to offer. I am connecting with lots of people doing incredible, innovative things. Those connections move beyond my physical community. Through this online community, I've connected with favorite bloggers and authors. I've also discovered new people creating work that inspires. 
  • You can feel like you are on vacation in your own city. Sometimes you take things for granted in the place where you live. My day au café, au musée was very reminiscent of a day I would spend on a trip visiting another city. I will now make a conscious effort to feel more of that right here at home.
  • I love to write. I've always known writing was a strength, but I've never really done much of it outside of school. The opportunity to write for this blog has shown a light on yet another passion. 
  • I'm interested in photography. I take pictures of everything, all the time, predominantly with my iPhone. My boyfriend recently invested in a nice camera for our European travels this summer. It was in the apartment for a while before I was finally drawn to pick it up. I have A LOT to learn, but the process of finding the right lighting, composition, etc. is something I'm really enjoying. 
  • Language skills really do come with practice. The community I have found through blogging has inspired me to focus more on my goal of bettering my French. I would love to gain a level of comfort that has me dreaming in perfect French one day. I now have hope that that day will come. 
  • Your voice and perspective are important and unique. This blog started for me. That's important. If you don't love what you do and feel passionate about what you do, neither will anyone else. Of course, I do always have in mind the way my favorite blogs have inspired me and I had a goal. I thought if I could reach one person the way the women I look to have reached me, I would feel I had accomplished something. One comment from a reader in Minnesota made me feel I had done just that. Thank you, citycottage up in Minneapolis! I'm so glad I could share some inspiration with you.
  • Continuous growth is an amazing thing. As I scroll back through my first month of posts, it's incredible to already see an evolution. The amazing thing is how natural it has been. All it took was beginning, and so much has unfolded.
  • Slowing down is OK and necessary. This blog has given me an incredible energy. I'm constantly thinking of ideas, creating new things, going, going, going. I want to blog, read, dabble in photography, speak French, bullet journal, travel... and these things all bring me so much joy. But no one can do it all, and everyone needs to make deliberate time for rest. It's a balance that makes everything work together. That said, I will be taking a short break from the blog to honor that need for rest, but I will be back Wednesday with more wellness tips. :)
I can’t wait to see what else might blossom from this blogging adventure! Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, subscribed, and followed along on Instagram. It means a lot to me, and I hope to see you back here again soon!

Warm wishes from me to you,

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