April 14, 2017

Francophile Friday (n°1): Books with a Little French Flair

Happy Friday! Or should I say bon journée (good day) as this is the first post of my Francophile Friday series. If you've been following me on Instagram (@fleurdestlouis) or if you've checked out my Books to Read page here on the blog, you know by now that when it comes to reading, if a book has French flair it's probably on my "read" or "to be read" list. You can read more about my love of all things French in My Journey, but today I am going to dive deeper into why books with a French connection appeal to me in particular. 

Lovers of reading know that books have the incredible power to take you places. Real, imagined, historic, futuristic... What power words have when they can be written on the page by and author and read from the page by a reader who is then transported by images and scenes that play out in their mind. That's what I love about books. When I want to stroll the streets of Paris, I can. When I want to spend the summer in Provence, I can - no matter the day, the time, or the season. I can travel there in present day, or I can voyage back in time. When I don't have the opportunity to travel to France, reading makes it possible. When I want to be immersed in France's history, reading can make that happen too. 

Lately, I've been using these books for a very specific purpose. As I journey to Paris through memoirs and novels, I have been paying close attention to the many treasures that Paris holds. If Julia Child mentions her favorite café, I write it down. If an American expat describes her favorite arrondissement, I take note. If the character in my novel spends time walking in a breathtaking garden, I remember the place. This is all because I know that one day, I will go to Paris again (I had two opportunities on school trips in high school). It just so happens that one day is only a few short months away... Then, I will get the chance to truly live the adventures my books have taken me on. :) (More to come on my travel plans and experiences!) 

If you too love books with a little French flair, check out Every Day Parisian's book club. Each month, blogger Rebecca Plotnick picks a new book with a French connection and invites her readers to join her in reading and discussing that book via her blog. It's a whole lot of fun. I highly recommend checking it out! 

Fellow francophiles, what are your favorite books with a little French flair? Readers, do you have other favorite places to travel to through your reading? What's the place, and what books do you love that take you there? I would love to hear all about your reading experiences in the comments!

Warm wishes from me to you,


  1. My favorite french style book is Entre nous by Debra Ollivier.I really like your blog.Efi.

    1. Efi,

      I am so glad you found the blog! Entre Nous was the first "francophile" book I ever owned. I also love it! Hope to see you back at the blog soon. Merci beaucoup. :)


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