April 2, 2017

Gifts of the Present

Saturday morning I woke up to a bright, soft glow of sunshine illuminating my bedroom. Wanting to get out into that sunshine, my boyfriend and I headed to one of our favorite local coffee spots, Kaldi’s in DeMun. After enjoying a delicious, warm cup of Highlander Grogg with a sweet mocha muffin, we headed over to Concordia Park to soak in the gorgeous day and enjoy some time with our books.

As I sat on the bench, diving into Amy Thomas’s Paris My Sweet, I almost felt as though I was sitting in a beautiful painting of spring. Creamy white, vibrant fuchsia, and bright pink blooms filled the background. An energetic dog ran freely, an enthusiastic toddler running along behind. The sun was winking behind billowy clouds against a clear blue sky, and while a chilly crisp breeze of winter lingered, its golden rays provided much welcomed moments of warmth. A symphony of birds and seminary bells brought the entire scene even more alive. Maybe this was just my imagination, but I swear the bells rang to the tune of Édith Piaf’s La Vie en Rose.

In that moment, mindful of my surroundings, I felt at peace. I felt present. I was not thinking of what had come before, or what was coming later. I was just there, taking in an immense amount of beauty.

May you also find moments of peace and beauty in the present.

Warm wishes from me to you,


  1. Bonjour, Lauren! J'aime bien le blog! Nous partageons plusieurs interêts, y compris la style Française et les livres au sujet e la vie Française. Je lis deux blogs: www.garancedore.com/ et http://mimithorisson.com/ . Et aussi j'adore Madame Chic. Amicalement, Deb

    1. Merci, beaucoup Deb! Je cherche toujours les choses sur la France à lire. Dans peu de temps, j'espère ajouter l'information sur la langue française et aussi des messages en français.

      Voeux de moi à toi!



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