April 15, 2017

Petits Moments: The Courage to Say "Bonjour"

Sometimes it's in the petits moments of life, the little moments, when we learn the greatest lessons. This past Friday as I was sitting and waiting to enter the latest exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum, my ears perked up. Coming from my left was the sound of a child speaking beautiful, fluent French. I tuned in, eager to test my comprehension skills against native speaking. The child was conversing with his mother and father, and while I missed some things (I'm not used to the fast pace), I was able to comprehend pieces of what they said. I was overcome with a desire to enter the conversation, as the opportunity to speak French with natives does not present itself every day. I struggled to find the courage. I kept trying to work up the courage, going over my introduction in my head:

"Enchanté et bienvenue à St. Louis! D'où venez-vous?" 

By the time I had prepared and felt at least somewhat confident, the family had wandered into another part of the museum. The moment had passed. Working on Fleur de St. Louis has given me a lot of courage when it comes to stepping out of my comfort zone, but this petit moment showed me I still have a ways to go. The lesson: Next time I have the chance to speak French with natives I am going to be more confident in my abilities and seize the wonderful opportunity. 

Warm wishes from me to you.
May you also seize the opportunities small moments offer,

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