April 20, 2017

Petits Moments: Inviting Rest In

Sometimes it's in the petits moments of life, the little moments, 
when we learn the greatest lessons.

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy for me both at work, and in my creative & personal life. I've gone hard trying to be the best teacher I can be. On top of that, I want to dedicate time to exercise, wellness (yoga, mediation, reading, etc.), creative projects (like journaling), travel planning, French language learning, and my newest endeavor: this blog. I also want to dedicate time to my family and friends. All of these things are bringing me immense happiness and energizing me in a way I haven't felt in a long time. But expending that new found energy is also paired with a need for quality rest. 

Yesterday afternoon I arrived home from school eager to work on designs for a new project, read several books, and brainstorm ideas for the blog. I was several pages into one of my newest library books, Rest, when my eyes fluttered shut. I couldn't resist it. My body was telling me that it required rest to process ideas and restore energy, and I needed to listen to it. I woke up 2 hours later feeling well rested and ready to pick up where I'd left off.

At times our culture can make overworking feel like the norm. Even when the work you are doing is rooted in passion and elevating both your mood and your energy, there is still a need to find balance between that work and rest. I'm looking forward to thinking more about how to invite quality rest into my life as I continue reading Alex Soojug-Kim Pang's book. 

Warm wishes from me to you.
May you consider inviting a little rest into your life today and every day,

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