April 26, 2017

Uncovering Your Inner Badass with Jen Sincero

"It's meant to be if you desire it."
-Jen Sincero

It's Wednesday and I am finally getting a chance to slow down and reflect on the events of the week. Monday, I had an awesome opportunity to go hear author Jen Sincero speak here in St. Louis. I wanted to take the time to share what I gained from that experience with you. 

It was really difficult for me to use the word badass in the title of this post (it didn't feel like something I would say), but it's also hard for me to embody what I learned from Jen Sincero without saying it. She really is all about uncovering your inner badass. Sincero is author of You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, and You Are a Badass at Making Money: Mastering the Mindset of Wealth. I'll admit that before a friend invited me to this event I wasn't familiar with Jen Sincero or these yellow and green books.  I was, however, interested in the following:

*Spending time with a great friend and making more human connections 
*Taking advantage of awesome events in my city
*Expanding my knowledge of books
*Taking in new ideas & food for thought 

This event did not disappoint. Jen is a captivating speaker and storyteller. From the moment she stepped on stage, I was engaged and laughing out loud. As I continued to laugh and listen, I found myself reaching for my little black notebook because much of what Jen was saying resonated with me deeply.  What was truly amazing was that a talk centered around money had me thinking about much, much more. Here are a few highlights from the book talk and what they meant to me:

"What you focus on you create more of."

When you get into a negative space, it seems to continue to grow. I've been there. I think most of us probably have. I loved this quote from Jen because it reminded me that when that negative space is growing, it is because we are allowing it to. By focusing on the negative, we actually create more negativity. What's so powerful about this is that it means we have more control than we think we do. By consciously putting more energy into the positive, the creative, the passion projects... we create more positivity, more creativity, more passion. I know which energy I'll be working to foster in my life. :) 


"Risk is way better than the risk of living a life unlived."

Often times the thing that prevents us from pursuing a passion is doubt. It took me months to finally launch Fleur de St. Louis because I questioned so much. What do I have to offer that others haven't already offered? What makes my voice matter? Will anything even come of this? Will doing this make me happier or will it just be another thing to keep up with? Doubt held me back until I realized I had no reason to hold myself back. The answer to those questions could very well have turned out to be "nothing" and "no". But believing that means putting energy into the negative. The only plausible option was to just begin, because I desired it. And as Jen said, what you desire is meant to be. You just have to let go of fear & doubt and allow that desire to unfold before your eyes. 


"Get out there... you have no idea what's waiting for you."

Which leads me to this final point. There is no way of knowing what is waiting. Just as I quoted Shannon Ables in my very first post, "the reality that can appear before your eyes has the capability of being something you never imagined in your mind's eye or perhaps brushed aside as utterly impossible." When you start something, it is possible that nothing ever comes of it. But it is equally possible that it turns into something incredible that you never imagined. I'd rather bank on that second possibility, because as Jen stated perfectly...

"It's your one and only life. Why not just go for it?"

I'm willing to bet you have a desire inside of you. If you haven't already, why not give it a chance and take a risk so that it has the opportunity to bloom into something that allows you to live your fullest, happiest life? Just some food for thought. I will be thinking on this one too, and I've added Jen's books to my "to be read" list. I know there are more laughs and inspiration in store. 

Warm wishes from me to you,

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