April 19, 2017

Wellness Wednesday (n°2): La Lavande

Lavender, one of my favorite flowering plants and aromas, is often associated with France. But my love for lavender goes beyond it's French connection. I have loved the scent of lavender for a long time, likely because my mom has been growing lavender in her herb garden and drying it for home decoration for many years. While I always enjoyed pinching the dried buds between my fingertips, releasing a burst of calming fragrance, it wasn't until my mom and I visited a local lavender farm in Eureka, MO* that I truly understood what an incredible plant lavender is. 

Lavender has many uses and benefits. It is said to relieve pain, reduce stress, alleviate anxiety & depression, and help you sleep among other things. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also serve as a decongestant and reduce head aches. (Read more about the uses of lavender here.)

When I started taking yoga classes at my local studio, Yoga in Demun, I noticed the use of lavender to create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. From oils to diffusers to eye pillows, lavender was an essential part of the yoga experience. I have also experienced lavender aromatherapy during a massage.

A very wise woman recently encouraged me to think about the power of smell when considering wellness. Scent has a powerful association with our memories. As lavender is attached to beautiful memories with my mom, the calming feeling of a yoga class, and the total relaxation of a massage, it is a scent I wanted to bring into my life often. Lavender brings me instant calm, and this is something we can all welcome more of into our busy, busy lives. 

Here are some of my favorite lavender products that I enjoy every day:

*Lavender home & body mist - I spray a little on my pillow before bed to help settle into a relaxing sleep.

*Lavender eye pillow - I place this over my eyes during Savasana (yoga's final resting pose), and also as I am falling asleep at night.  I also love to set this on my chest while I read. I enjoy the light pressure and the distance from the nose softens the scent.

*Lavender essential oil and diffuser - Perfect for filling any room with the scent of lavender. I especially love it in my room at night. The diffuser also lights up in fun colors. :) 

*Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea - Awesome for taking five at work or right before bed - really perfect any time. 

*L'Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing Bath & Shower Gel - I use a little in the shower and take a few deep breaths, enjoying the scent. 

*EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream, Lavender Jasmine - great scent, smooth and moisturizing feel

*Dove Advanced Care Deodorant in Lavender Fresh or Jason Calming Lavender Deodorant Stick for a natural option  

*Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap, Lavender - Because lavender has antibacterial properties, I use this to clean my make up brushes. You can find a mini size in the travel toiletries section at Target that is perfect for this. 

*J.R. Watkins Natural All Purpose Cleaner, Lavender - Even cleaning can be a soothing experience! 

*Bath & Body Works French Lavender 3-Wick Candle - A friend introduced this to me and the scent is incredible. A trip to Bath & Body Works will be happening for me soon! 


I hope some of these lavender products will help invite a little calm into your life each and every day. 

Do you have any favorite lavender products? What other scents bring you calm? I would love to hear your responses in the comments!

Warm wishes and calm thoughts from me to you,

*Winding Brooke Estates in Eureka, MO was a beautiful lavender farm with a lovely shop where you could purchase many lavender gifts and goods. Unfortunately, due to Missouri weather conditions the Estate is no longer operating as it once was. Currently the owners are manufacturing products in Austin, Texas and looking into possibilities of farming lavender in Texas. You can still purchase their products from their new company name, Pure Botanicals LLC

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