May 22, 2017

A Taste of France in STL: Comme à la Maison {Like Home}

As I continue my exploration of the various tastes of France in St. Louis, I could not wait to check out one of our newest pâtisseries, Comme à la Maison {Like Home}. Clemence Pereur, chef pâtissier and chocolatier, made her way to St. Louis from France to become the assistant pastry chef at the St. Louis Club. She then decided to follow her passions and open her very own pâtisserie in Grand Center (read more of her story here). Comme à la Maison truly lives up to its name. I felt so at home as I sat munching pastries (a croissant and a brioche au sucre) and sipping coffee. Several hours passed in the blink of an eye. I can see this being a regular spot for me to read, work on the blog, and have coffee dates with friends. 

It was a cloudy Saturday morning when I approached the the brightly painted corner shop (Vandeventer and McPherson for my fellow St. Louisans). Already it had brought a little sunshine to my day. As I entered I was greeted warmly and helped promptly. As I waited for my coffees and pastries, I peered through the glass window behind the counter and watched Christine and Patrice (Clemence's parents) baking fresh pastries for the day. All pastries at Like Home are made daily with love. As I paid at the register, I was delighted to grab an Eiffel Tower key chain, complémentaire! Each detail at Like Home is so well thought out. Check out some of the beautiful images I captured below: 

As I sat at my shiny white mid century modern table on a brightly colored molded plastic chair, I took in the truly sweet atmosphere. Comme à la Maison is painted in a sunny yellow that is complemented by a calming blue. It is complete with a homey sofa and chairs, and a bookshelf full of French pastry magazines. I can't wait to go back and spend some time with these as another way to practice my French. Speaking of practicing my French, Christine and Patrice took the time to speak with me en français. I told them my story and my mission at Fleur de St. Louis. I told them about my summer trip to Paris and asked them for any advice (they are from just outside of Paris). I am eager to check out their suggestions, one of which was L'Éclair de Génie. One just so happens to be located near our hotel! 

My experience at Comme à la Maison was complètement parfaite! I will be returning this week as Patrice offered to give me his card should we have any questions while visiting Paris this summer. Christine and Patrice's passion and friendly nature radiated. I cannot wait to meet Clemence as I am sure she will be the same. :) If you are looking to bring a little sunshine into your day and find a home away from home, visit Comme à la Maison. I think you will adore your experience! 

Warm wishes and happy Monday from me to you,
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  1. Keeping track of these gems. We are hoping to meet up with some friends this summer in St Louis. Its been quite awhile since I have been there.

    1. Kim - they are all worth a visit. :) Let me know if you come and I can e-mail you a list of more places to check out!

  2. So excited you got there! I think it is definitely the place for our next coffee date ☺️

    1. I think we need to get to planning that. :)


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