May 26, 2017

Bonjour BuJo (n°9): The Collections

Readers, you have spoken. It seems you enjoy bullet journaling just as much as I do. I know it has been several weeks since I've talked bullet journals on the blog, but today I'm back with one of my absolute favorite reasons to bullet journal - the collections. And you will see soon that several of my collections have a little French flair. :) 

You've set up the key. Your index is in place, and your future log is ready to keep you on track for any important dates coming your way. A monthly spread is ready for the start of a new month, and you're playing with some daily layouts or your simply letting it flow. These are the bullet journal essentials. You could stop here and have a fully functioning journal. But if you're anything like me, you're in to spicing things up a bit!

This is where the collections come in. I went back to the source for all things bullet journal to see how they defined collections:
Sometimes you’ll have notes and tasks that are related by a common theme or purpose. Rather than having all these related entries scattered across your Bullet Journal, simply create a Collection Module. Collection Modules, or Collections, are great for organizing specific lists (shopping list, reading lists etc), classes, and projects.
I've already talked collections on the blog, though I don't know that I called them by this name. You might remember my post about using your bullet journal to log your reading, or my post about using my journal to plan for Paris. Both of these are examples of collections in my journal. How do you start a collection? Go to the next blank page, make a heading, and index it. It can be smack dab in the middle of any month. By indexing it, you will be able to easily return even months down the road. With collections, they sky is truly the limit. This is where you take your bullet journal and customize it for your goals, interests and passions. 

Here are some other ways I have used collections in my journal:

(Places to Visit in Paris & Francophile Finds - a few of my very first collections.)

(a list of ways to live Simply Luxuriously every day)

(Food for Thought inspired by Fiona Ferris)

(le Français: des habitudes de travail - French study habits)

(inspiration for finding peace)

(Capsule Wardrobe - notes and inspiration from The Curated Closet)

And a few collections in my new journal:

(one month until Paris to-do list & my packing list)

Collections are as useful as they are fun. I hope my ideas here give you a place to start, but I know you could think of collections that would inspire me, too! If you do, please post them on Intagram with #FdSTLbujosetupseries. I would love to see them! Have a beautiful weekend!

Warm wishes from me to you, and happy journaling!

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