May 14, 2017

Bonne Fête Maman!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the amazing, wonderful moms out there. I wanted to get a little personal today and share my love for my mom with you.

When I was five, my mom stepped away from her job as a special education teacher (which she was incredible at) to stay home and take care of my brother and me. This was a selfless decision, as all of her decisions are. I would never have had the experiences I had was it not for her. Her minivan got my friends and I to many practices, club meetings, and activities around town. If school needed volunteers, she was there. It was always such a treat to see my mom present throughout my schooling experience. 

As we got older and more independent, my mom chose not to return to work. She used her time to care for my grandparents, volunteer countless hours at a food pantry, and truly be there for all of those connected to her whenever needed. When I say this woman is one in a million, I mean it. There is a lot to back that statement up. She is a giver, first and foremost. She is thoughtful, forgiving, and so genuinely kind. 

 (Mom and me circa 1991 - she's seriously the coolest.)

Today I am lucky to also call her my best friend. Whenever I need her, she shows up. When it's least expected, she's got a grocery store gift card just because she knows we could use it. She does all of this without expectation. She does all of this, sometimes, without the thanks she deserves. Mom - today (and every day) is for you! MERCI for all the beauty you bring to this world. I attribute the woman I am today to your example. I am so grateful. 

(No matter my age, I still love a handmade Mother's Day card.)

To my mom and moms everywhere, bonne fête! Take some time today for YOU, because if I know anything about moms, I know you probably don't do this often. You deserve it, and you deserve all of the love we can give. 

Warm wishes from me to you, and happy Mother's Day!

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