May 31, 2017

Celebrating Two Months and Summer at Fleur de St. Louis!

Time flies when you're working on something you love. Today marks two months here at Fleur de St. Louis. I could not be more proud of what's been built and what is to come. Just like I did after one month, I am going to take some time to tell you what I've learned. And if you continue reading to the end, I've got a special surprise in store! First off, ce que j'ai appris pendant le deuxième mois:

Sometimes you have to be OK with not following the plan. When I started Fleur de St. Louis I set a goal to post a minimum of two times a week. I thought I would always have a Wellness Wednesday and a Francophile Friday. While this plan gave me guidance in the beginning, I've been finding that it doesn't always fit with what I'm inspired to write about in the moment. I'm glad the plan got me going, but I'm equally as glad that I've allowed myself to change as I learn and grow. 

You can learn about opportunities you never knew existed if you just put yourself out there. Each time I go to a new French spot in STL, I let them know that I am a blogger and ask permission to take photographs for my posts. A few weeks ago at Comme à la Maison I was approached by Susanne who had overheard me asking. She was interested in the blog and shared with me that she was a member of an organization, Les Amis, that promotes "education, preservation, and awareness of French Creole heritage and culture in the Mid-Mississippi River Valley." I have always known that I wanted to explore French history here in St. Louis and in Missouri. My boyfriend and I are now joining Les Amis and I am excited for new opportunities to learn and become involved in my community. 

When you are trying something new, you probably won't get it right the first time, and that's OK! Posting my creative work has given me some new and exciting opportunities, one of which I began to work on with enthusiasm only to find that it wasn't turning out how I wanted it to. I will be honest, I panicked. I felt embarrassed. Then a very wise woman asked: "So you aren't happy with it. Then what happened?" The answer is nothing. I simply needed to step away, get myself into a better mindset, and return. Part of changing my mindset involved me asking myself, "What am I not happy with, and what tools do I need to grow so that I can move closer to the outcome I desire?" Let me tell you, this approach did a whole lot more for me than the panicked/embarrassed approach. I still have plenty of growing to do, but I am happy to be on the journey. 


And now for a fun summer treat! To say merci for being a part of this community, for believing in my passions, and most of all for pursuing your own, I'm planning a summer of Fleur de St. Louis giveaways! Each giveaway will match my mission here at Fleur de St. Louis: to allow wellness, learning & creativity to flourish. June will be centered around creativity. 

One lovely reader will receive a box with a few of my favorite bullet journal extras delivered right to their door! This is my way of saying merci for reading, for continuing to stop by, for e-mailing and commenting and sharing so much love... and to spread the mission of Fleur de St. Louis which is to pursue your passions and live a life you love. 

To enter, follow me on Instagram @fleurdestlouis. Watch out for a giveaway post in the next few days, and comment with your name and what brought you to the Fleur de St. Louis community. I cannot wait to continue to connect with you!

Merci beaucoup beaucoup and warm wishes from me to you,

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