May 25, 2017

Petits Moments: Abandoning a Book (for now or forever)

Do you see this stack of books? And that doesn't even begin to cover it. There's more where that came from, though this stack alone would be a very healthy amount of summer reading for me. While reading is one of my favorite ways to relax, it can also become overwhelming. There is just so much to read, so little time. I used to suffer (maybe a strong word, but I'm trying to paint a picture here) through books I was not enjoying. I felt guilty starting something without finishing it. You can imagine what this did for me views on reading. That, and it sloooooooooowed me down big time. I didn't want to pick up my book, but I wasn't finished yet so I wouldn't give myself permission to pick up another. 

Well I'm here to tell you - THAT. WAS. CRAZY. There are plenty of times in our lives when we have to read something that isn't necessarily for pleasure, whether that be for school or for work or to figure out a necessary skill. The relaxing reading time should not be one of those. Enter Anne Bogel (Modern Mrs Darcy). She made me feel like it was OK to put a book down. She made me realize that reading should bring joy, and if a book you choose for leisure isn't bringing joy it's OK to set it aside. Maybe you're just setting it aside for now because it simply isn't the time in your life. Maybe you're setting it aside forever because it truly is not for you. Either option is OK. You are making more time for books you will love, books you won't be able to put down, books that will make you a voracious reader. 

I tell you this because I recently had a moment like this. I listen to What Should I Read Next? regularly. It's a great way to grow your "to be read" list and discover titles you may not have otherwise picked up. My ears perked up a bit every time I heard them discuss This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel. I got my name on the hold list right away, and was ecstatic when my turn finally came. It isn't that I didn't like this book. It's more that as I started to read, I didn't find myself wanting to pick it up at every available chance. This told me that while this book is likely a great book for me, it wasn't the best book for right now. So I gave myself permission to set it aside. Then I looked at the rest of the books in my "on deck" stack and realized the reason this book wasn't for me right now is because I am eating, sleeping, breathing, dreaming of all things Paris. With one month until my much anticipated trip, I want to bask in francophile reads, and bask I will. I'm going to follow my reading intuition and read that which brings me joy in the moment. :) 

May you find immense joy in your reading. May you give yourself permission to set a book aside for now or forever so that reading never loses it's magic. 

Warm wishes and joyful reading from me to you,

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