May 3, 2017

Wellness Wednesday (n°4): A Très Chic Morning Routine

I'm a morning person. I laughed out loud recently while reading A Homemade Life when Molly Wizenberg said, "I get up for the sole purpose of eating breakfast." While this is not the sole purpose for rousing from my slumber each day, I've definitely turned to my mom before and asked, "Is it bad that I want to go to sleep so breakfast will come sooner?" I love the hope of a new morning, the soft sunlight filtering in through the windows, the bittersweet smell of coffee brewing, the belief that in the new day, anything is possible. 

I'm intentional about building in time for myself in the morning. During the week, I try to have a minimum of 30 minutes just for sitting, reading, and enjoying my breakfast & coffee. In the school year, this often means a 5:00am alarm. Some call me crazy, but I've never done well rolling out of bed in just the knick of time. I like to awaken slowly, both physically and mentally. I feel more joy in beginning my work day (or day in general) when I've set aside some time for myself to ease in. Weekends and summers are a real treat as they offer long stretches of morning reverie (which also include the Today Show - love you Hoda & Kathy Lee!). 

Last summer as the school year was just beginning, I was listening to The Simple Sophisticate podcast. My time with leisurely mornings had drawn to a close and that was a little hard to handle. But timing is a beautiful thing. On the podcast, host Shannon interviewed New Zealand author, blogger and fellow francophile, Fiona Ferris. Their discussion centered around Fiona's book, Thirty Chic Days, and how to create and live a beautiful life. I think I ordered my copy that very day. When it arrived, I was instantly drawn to the book's structure: 30 relatively short chapters, one with a little inspiration for each day. I knew this would be a perfect morning coffee companion and ease my transition from summer to work. 

This is exactly how I enjoyed this lovely book. I took it a chapter at a time, each day awaking to an extra little inspirational treat. It's fun to look back now (nearly a year later) on my margin notes and bullet journal quotes. The things that resonated with me then still very much speak to me now. Here are some of my favorite inspirational tidbits from Fiona:

"You can decide on tranquility as your default way of being."

This idea that I have the power to influence my state of mind has impacted me greatly. I would eventually choose peace as my theme for 2017 (more on this idea of a yearly theme to come). Choosing peace and tranquility has made a big difference in my life. 

"Whatever we think, we are."

I talked about this in my recent post about author Jen Sincero's book talk. Our minds are powerful. If used to their full advantage in a positive way, one's whole reality can change for the better. 

"If you explore a side of yourself without checking in on what others think, you will be giving yourself the best possible start by honouring your own desires."

"You have a valid point of view as we all do, so celebrate it."

These two go hand in hand for me and speak so much to Fleur de St. Louis. As I've said before, I started this blog for myself first, as a platform to honor my desires and find a missing piece I had been looking for in my life. When I questioned starting, Fiona's words about celebrating my valid point of view were just the encouragement I needed.

"Go with the flow, trust in the future and you will enjoy the journey more."

This quote says it all. I'm flowing, trusting, and enjoying. It is my sincerest wish that wherever you are, you are flowing, trusting, and enjoying too. 

Do you have your own très chic morning routine? You might consider making Fiona's book a part of it. :) I know it positively impacted my days and I'm still returning for inspiration. I would love to hear any suggestions for other books with a similar topic or format if you have them!

Warm and chic wishes from me to you,


  1. Hi Lauren! I clicked on your link on Fiona's blog and love this post! I'm currently reading "creating a charmed life" by Victoria Moran. It's also like Fiona's book where you can read one each day. I'm really enjoying this book! Looking forward to checking out more of your blog also!

    1. Bonjour Carla! I am so glad you found me - I love reading Fiona's blog and books. :) I just looked up the book you are reading on Amazon because I've been eager to find one similar. It looks like there is a version called "Secrets Every Woman Should Know About" and another called "Sensible, Spiritual Secrets Every Woman Should Know". Which do you have? Stop by any time - bienvenue à Fleur de St. Louis! :)

    2. It's the one "Sensible, Spiritual Secrets Every Woman Should Know". It has the beach picture on the front. I had to look it up on Amazon because I have the hard copy and the paper cover came off! But that's the one. She has a lot of other ones that sound good too!

    3. I can't wait to check it out! Merci encore, Carla!


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