June 17, 2017

50 things I've done & discovered since starting Fleur de St. Louis

Bonjour readers! Nous sommes arrivés. We have arrived. Post #50 (cinquantième)!

The last few months since I decided to take the leap and commence have been an incredible journey. To celebrate, I've decided to make a list of 50 things I've done & discovered since starting Fleur de St. Louis. This is my spin on the "20 ideas method" I read about in Fiona Ferris's Thirty Chic Days. The first 25 came to me very quickly. The second 25 took some soul searching just as Fiona shared they might - "The last few could feel like trying to get blood out of a stone, but don't stop because those ideas may be the most fruitful." Here they are (in no particular order), and you will notice that many of them involve YOU! The Fleur de St. Louis community is what has made this journey so special. Merci! 


1. Figured out Blogger (for the most part) 
2. Began experimenting with photography
3. Went to Chicago for Lindsey Tramuta's New Paris book tour
4. Discovered Petit Vour
5. Disocvered Blissoma Holistic Skincare + Apothecary
6. Gained the courage to speak French at every opportunity
7. Attended the What Should I Read Next? with Anne Bogel live podcast in STL
8. Made two art museum visits (here and here)
9. Take weekly farmers market trips for fresh produce
10. Picked up drawing/painting/card making again (see some of my sketches here)
11. Have a plan to sell some of my work locally (stay tuned!) 
12. Researched and reached out to programs to continue my studies in French/French education
13. Made my first GIF (with help from Tony)
14. Joined the Twittersphere
15. Joined Les Amis
16. Visited Ste. Genevieve, MO for the French Heritage Festival
17. Discovered and frequent Comme à la Maison (Bonjour Clemence!)
18. Had a KC to STL book club with a friend
19. Made time to write daily 
20. Connected with favorite authors and bloggers
21. Started my fleur de lis "scavenger hunt" everywhere I go
22. Launched a Fleur de St. Louis giveaway to further connect with my readers 
23. Wake up early eager for each new day :)
24. Continued my French classes at Alliance Française de St. Louis 
25. Brought an amazing woman and friend to yoga
26. Made an effort to comment/interact more on my favorite blogs 
27. Take more time to ask the people I meet to tell me their stories 
28. Made a public Instagram account 
29. Reconnected with old friends
30. Made new friends
31. Went with a friend to hear author Jen Sincero speak 
32. Shared my love of the bullet journal and inspired some new journalers 
33. Connected with readers in St. Louis, Kansas, the Twin Cities, Australia and beyond
34. Shared my love of the French language, encouraging other learners 
35. Read and recommended favorite books (mostly francophile reads...) 
36. Got my first share via Fiona's blog How to be Chic (Merci beaucoup Fiona!)
37. Have a Fleur de St. Louis meet up in the works for this summer (stay tuned!)
38. More observant of all the beauty in my every day life
39. Started using Canva (amazing!)
40. Spreading the love for my city, St. Louis!!! 
41. Finished planning a European adventure with Tony (we leave in 6 days!)
42. I'm never bored now - so many ideas, and they keep coming! 
43. People are incredibly supportive and willing to help if you simply ask.
44. So many people have found success by taking a chance on their dreams.
45. What may seem overwhelming or "scary" at first might end up being the best thing you've ever done.
46. We all have a unique voice worth sharing. 
47. I have lots of room to grow, and that excites me. 
48. I feel more like myself.
49. I feel on my way. 
50. We get one "wild and precious life". We must live it fully. :) 


Warm wishes and SO glad you're here for the journey,

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(Hearing Lindsey speak was so inspiring!)

(Rae Dunn definitely got me back to my art.)

(Fiona is always an inspiration.)


  1. Congratulations! Here's to another 50 and more!

    1. Kim, thank you so much for your support! :)


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