June 28, 2017

Bon Voyage: Copenhagen

Hallo from Amsterdam! We arrived yesterday evening, and before I let the city sweep me off my feet (just from our little bit of wandering I have a good feeling), I wanted to recap my first visit to Copenhagen!

Tony and I arrived in Copenhagen on Sunday and checked into our boat. That's right, we stayed on a boat! Everyone at CPH Living was incredibly nice, and our accommodations were just right. It was lovely to open the windows and feel a breeze on the water, and everything we wanted to explore was within walking distance. Not to mention, they provided a nice breakfast of fruit, yogurt, bread, cheeses, pastries, juice, coffee, and tea that was the perfect pick me up before we headed out for a day of exploring. 

City Vibes:
Welcoming, relaxed, laid back and cozy, cozy, cozy! I was expecting to feel the hygge here and Copenhagen did not disappoint. From candles on the tables at Copenhagen Street Food to blankets on almost every restaurant chair (I got cozy over dinner at mother), comfort and warmth surrounded us. The city was also incredibly clean with hardly any litter on the sidewalks and streets. Everywhere we went I felt very safe. 

(Cozy in Copenhagen at 55°F in late June)

Favorite Finds:
Tony found RIST Kaffebar where we started our full day of exploration. There, we grabbed a yogurt with muesli and two lattes. And how can I forget sweet treats at Lauras! The hindbærsnitte was a sophisticated Pop Tart that paired with my coffee wonderfully (second cup that morning...)! 

I also used the cityx60 Copenhagen book (link below) to learn a little bit about the city's treasures before we arrived. From that list, we shopped Scandinavian housewares at Hay House and had a beautiful experience at Cinnober Independent Bookshop where we picked up a notebook, a small rubber stamp for my bullet journal, and a guide to Amsterdam (more to come on this guide in my next post). Torvehallerne market was a fun stop for foods from around the world. We had tacos and gelato for lunch. 

I think my absolute favorite find of the day was one that wasn't on our list. This goes to show that wandering can be the best way to travel. We stumbled upon DORA after our morning coffees and couldn't get enough. Quite literally. We picked up two kitchen towels but already have a few more items that wouldn't fit in our backpacks in our online cart. We can't wait to add these new finds to our home for our own touch of hygge. I also have my eye on this necklace. You will instantly understand why! 

Style Watch:
Checking out the style in each city we visit is one of my favorite parts. On trend in Copenhagen: black tights and sneakers (usually black as well). Colors are generally muted (black, navy, gray, olive, tan) and jackets are a staple. Be it a classic trench, a black leather jacket, or a navy wool coat, even June can be brisk in Copenhagen and these layers shield from the wind with style. Scarves are ALWAYS a good idea. Women generally wear their hair pulled back in a pony tail or bun which has them bike or boat ready at a moment's notice. And the best accessory - a bike with a basket and bell. It was so fun to see how these were always an extension of the rider's overall style. 

(The Dune London shoes I picked up at Illum. I wanted something suitable for walking, yet also stylish. I'm always a sucker for bows. PS: This photo was taken at the botanical garden. Absolutely stunning! And free!)

Overall Impression: 
Love love loved it! We missed some of the more touristy things, but we decided before heading out on this journey that our goal was to get to know the city and its neighborhoods more than it was to check off the big attractions. Plus, I know we'll be back (we actually get a bonus afternoon the day before we fly home out of CPH). 

I hope you enjoyed a small window into our travels and maybe found some inspiration for your future travels! For more frequent updates, follow me on Instagram @fleurdestlouis. It's much easier for me to post there on the go. Tony is also posting wonderful photos @tonyclawsonstl. Until my next post, I'm off to explore Amsterdam! 

Warm wishes and bon voyage from me to you,

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  1. So beautiful! I love all your thoughts and feelings about what you see and experience.

    1. Merci Kim! So happy you are enjoying and that you are here!


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