June 3, 2017

La Critique du Film: Paris Can Wait

Anne (Diane Lane) and Jacques (Arnaud Viard) pull off a French countryside road in their broken down Peugeot convertible. Anne is worrying about this problem and how they are going to fix it. Jacques interjects - "But look where we are in the beautiful countryside. Let's have a picnic!" I love the way he sees beauty and opportunity in a moment of misfortune. This is one piece of inspiration I took from Eleanor Coppola's film Paris Can Wait (now playing in local theatres). 

I know, we can't all expect to have a pre-packed picnic abundant with bread, wine and French cheeses at the ready when our car breaks down in the picturesque French countryside. We can, however, choose to see the beauty in every moment. We can choose to make the best of a situation rather than wallow in worry and frustration. 

Paris Can Wait is all about moments and small details. Anne's camera accompanies her from Cannes to Paris, and she takes time to stop and capture beauty in unexpected places, from unexpected perspectives. Jacques is a spokesman for beautiful things. He fills the backseat of the convertible with fragrant roses, orders stunning meals and wines, and never cuts corners when it comes to anything chocolate. 

Anne's journey teaches her that she deserves to be happy, to be playful, to follow her intuition, to go off the beaten path, and to savor a rose faite de chocolat. We all deserve happiness, and taking the time to notice beauty in all of life's circumstances can lead us there. That beauty need not be as extravagant as a five star meal or a tour of the French countryside. There is beauty in time spent with a loved one, the sun on your face, a warm cup of coffee, a wonderful book, or the scent of something delicious as it bakes in the oven. 

Find a matinée showing in a theatre near you, and discover joy in a $5 visit to the French countryside with Anne and Jacques. This is a lovely, light hearted film that will have you thinking of all of the beautiful things in life that bring you happiness. :)

Warm wishes from me to you,

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