June 23, 2017

Le Bric à Brac: Odds & Ends (n°2)

Coucou, readers! (Another, more casual way to greet en français.) I told you... I couldn't stay away ALL week. Maybe le bric à brac is becoming a vendredi tradition! This week's odds & ends have a lot of French flair, but you will also find some history, some yoga, and a little bit of travel. Speaking of travel, Tony and I are off for 3 weeks in Europe TOMORROW! It feels crazy that a long anticipated trip is finally here, and we could not be more excited. If you'd like to follow along, add me on Instagram @fleurdestlouis. I have a feeling most of my updates will be posted there. Enjoy, and bon weekend! 

⚜St. Louis's French History: Founder Pierre Laclède (interesting read!) 

7 More Signs You're Moving in the Right Direction - another inspiring post from the Simply Luxurious Life on pursuing your dreams.

French Chic: Decoding the Secrets of Paris Fashion via HiP Paris Blog (Loved this post!)

⚜Dreaming of Sézane... will definitely pay a visit to L'Appartement Sézane in Paris.

Learn French through Yoga (Thanks Carrie Anne for sharing this link!)

⚜I'm taking the Busy Language Learner Course with Shannon from Eurolinguiste. I LOVED this piece of advice:
"The thing is, a lot of language learning involves memorizing and internalizing information, so short and focused study sessions are actually far more effective. Five minutes with flash cards, ten minutes reading about a specific grammar rule, or a fifteen minute podcast are time extremely well spent."  

⚜Currently packing for Europe with my Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45 and these handy eBags packing cubes! 

As always, warmest of wishes from me to you,


  1. Nice blog !


  2. Thank you Diane! I look forward to checking out your blog, too! :)


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