July 6, 2017

Absolument, oui!

I have been so anxious to share this story with all of you - my family, friends, and readers. Monday was our last of four days in Paris. Sunday night as I felt the end drawing near, I sat up late in our hotel room thinking of all that I still wanted to fit in. I made a list in my bullet journal, and Tony and I planned our day determined to do it all. First on the agenda - an early morning photo of the Eiffel Tower with just the right light and not many tourists out and about. Tony had been talking about getting a certain shot for a few days, and we knew Monday was going to be the best chance as it had been cloudy and rainy most of our time there. I had saved my special dress for our Eiffel Tower visit and was excited to make our last day as memorable as possible. 

As we walked the streets of Paris in the 7th arrondissement, I wished we could pause time. The weather was beautiful and at 7:00am the city hadn't quite woken up. All was quiet and calm. Here I am marveling at the Eiffel Tower's beauty on our way to just the perspective Tony wished to capture.

When we found the spot, Tony set up the tripod. He asked me to go stand in place to make sure the shot looked just right. He told me to look toward the tower, and I did without an ounce of suspicion. I think about 2 minutes passed, and I never turned around once as Tony set the camera for video and fumbled for the ring. When I finally turned, he was there on one knee. When he asked me to marry him, it was the easiest answer of my life. Absolument, oui! Absolutely, yes! Here we are, all smiles, in our first moments as an engaged couple. 

It makes me smile to think of all of the clues in hindsight. Tony's insistence on taking such a particular picture. My mom asking me almost every day when we were going to the Eiffel Tower. Many people asked me before the trip if I expected a proposal, and my honest answer had been no. A chance to travel Europe with Tony was already a dream come true. I truly didn't see it coming, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The feeling in that moment and in all the moments that have followed has been the most incredible feeling. 

With the time difference, we couldn't immediately call family and friends. It ended up being the perfect opportunity to revel in our engagement ourselves for just a little while longer. And remember that list I had made? We decided to keep our ambitions and conquer it! 

After we dropped off the tripod and I gave myself a quick manicure, we headed to Télescope for coffee and croissants. We hit Île de la Cité to see the intricate and richly colored stained glass windows at Sainte-Chapelle. We wandered through Île Saint-Louis, and made our way to Poilâne for bread and Pierre Hermé for macarons. Next up - La Grande Épicerie for rosé, cheese, strawberries and grapes. And what to do with all of these delectable treats? Have a picnic at Jardin du Luxembourg, of course! Here is our picnic in the garden where we finally sat down to breath and truly take in our engagement. 

After a break in our hotel room to share the big news with family and friends, we spent the evening having dinner and walking along Canal Saint-Martin. There was just one final stop we needed to make. 

(A few last photos in Paris.)

We knew we wanted to end our time in Paris just as it had begun with drinks at Au Petit Fer à Cheval. We toasted champagne and enjoyed two café crèmes with a crème brûlée. It was a Parisian dream. 

I could not be more happy than I am to be spending the rest of my life with my best friend. Together we have had many adventures, and this next one will be our biggest adventure yet! 

Thank you so much for your love and support, and for celebrating this special life moment with us! 

Warm wishes from the happy couple,


  1. Congratulations! Love, love, l9ve this post!

    1. Thank you, Kim! I think this is one of my favorites too. ;-)

  2. Sounds parfait! Félicitations à vous deux!

  3. Congrats!! Such an amazing adventure

    1. Thank you Beca! Cannot wait to celebrate with you!


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