July 31, 2017

Developing Your Personal Style from Within

I have had a complicated relationship with style. I adore it, but for a long time I didn't feel like I was hitting the mark I wanted to hit. I would envy the style of others, or find myself trying too hard to emulate someone else's style rather than channeling my own personal style. I would scour Pinterest for looks that caught my eye and try to recreate them to a tee. I've been a victim of fast fashion, buying cheap because I simply wanted more options or, in the moment, something new and "exciting". I would often wear these items once and never again. On one occasion I went and bought a dress for a wedding reception hours before because I felt I had nothing to wear. My closet was completely full. I was disconnected from my personal style and wasting too much money and energy without actually feeling like the best version of me

What I know now is that it was never about the clothes. Clothes are one way to present your best self to the world, but in order to do that you have to be in touch with who you are. I didn't need to be jealous of another's style, but simply to admire their self awareness and confidence, striving to find those inside of myself. I didn't need to copy Pinterest, but rather use it as a tool for inspiration to find what I like, what I'm drawn to. And that fast fashion? I never felt better when I had more, and I quickly realized less would free me of the stress and spending so that I could style myself with happiness and confidence. Have I "hit the mark"? No. Because just like I talked about in my Wellness Wednesday post a few weeks ago, perfection isn't the goal. On her blog The Simply Luxurious Life, Shannon Ables recently posted 10 Tips to Evolve into Your Signature Style. Here's an excerpt from her post:
"Gradually add the items you need as you find what you love. Have patience and don't feel you have to look "perfect" each time you pull an outfit together. What makes it ideal is the woman who wears it. What is your mood, are you enthusiastic about what you are doing? Are you happy with the life you are living? Clothing is fun, but it is an accessory to the life we are building for ourselves.
I love this quote because Shannon honors the value of a specially curated wardrobe that expresses the true you, yet she looks beyond the surface to the woman within. I recently read Classic Style by Kate Schelter where Kate echoes Shannon's sentiment. She explains her personal style evolution:
"My style was growing into a reflection of the person I was actually becoming as I followed my dreams."

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Outward style comes after first taking the time to know yourself and courageously move in the direction of your dreams. When you feel like the best version of you, you are ready to reveal yourself to the world. 

What I have  come to discover and what I wanted to share with you today is that style is a ton of fun. It's good to want to dress in a way that makes you feel your best as you go out into the world. But the inner journey is, in my opinion, at the core of personal style. It is when you embrace who you truly are, let go of insecurities, stop comparing, and follow what speaks to your soul that a real personal style is developed. It is, like everything worth pursuing in life, a journey. 

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It all comes back to the unique and wonderful you. 

Warmest of wishes and a very happy Monday from me to you,


  1. It is hard and so easy to fall into the trend trap. I did someshing similar between the wedding and reception because of a "flaw" I felt was in my dress. My poor ex husband at the time! Thankfully we learn and grow.

  2. When I did that it drove me crazy and I felt crazy when the day was really just about enjoying and celebrating with the people I love. Fortunately we have the ability to learn and grow! :)



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