July 21, 2017

Francophile Friday (n°7): Shopping in Paris from A to S

Sézane. Sept-Cinq. Sessùn. Sandro. All Parisian shopping favorites, and for good reason... and I find it fun that they all begin with S! I visited each of these shops on my recent trip to Paris and was just as charmed as I had imagined I would be. Today's Francophile Friday post features a few of my favorites: Sézane and Sept-Cinq. I will give you some background on these beautiful shops and take you inside, sharing my experiences and purchases! 

If you're a regular here at Fleur de St. Louis, you know I did my research before heading to my one of my favorite cities on earth. One resource I used that I can't recommend enough is The New Paris by Lindsey Tramuta. (I also had the chance to hear Lindsey speak and you can read more about that here.)

(Click the image to shop this book.)

Lindsey's section on new shopping and crafts features "unique Parisian brands...made with heart." Among these: Sézane and Sept-Cinq, of course! 

Sézane, France's premier online only brand, was founded by Morgane Sézalory in 2013. Here's a statement from the site describing the brand:
"When you order a Sézane piece, you are in effect, with one simple click, ordering unique designs directly from our finest workshops to your home. No shop, no intermediary."
You may be familiar with Sézane's collaboration with Madewell. Two of my favorite worlds colliding. Magic! Classic breton striped shirts embroidered with sweet little French phrases... what's not to love? And there was absolutely nothing not to love about L'Appartement Sézane located in Paris's 2nd arrondissement, the showroom where you can see and feel the items first hand, try on, and place orders. 

(Sézane, mon amour. 
Mes ballerines: Repetto)

L'Appartement Sézane's homey and elegant yet minimalist design truly makes it a gallery where the beautifully made, quality clothing and accessories shine. But be sure to stay up to date on seasonal collections and monthly "capsule" collections as favorite items go quickly! I ordered this adorable le baiser (the kiss) tee to commemorate a most romantic visit to Paris, but I was also admiring the beautiful shoes and lifestyle accessories

(Click image for its source and to shop Sézane!)

Another reason to love Sézane? Morgane Sézalory's story. Morgane is a self taught designer who started Sézane as a small business. In The New Paris, she tells Lindsey that "from the beginning, [her] goal was to find what made [her] happy and run with it professionally." I am always inspired by women who find a way to merge passion and career. When asked in an interview with Garance Doré what makes her designs "uniquely Parisian" she answers with the same attitude of passion and a constant quest for growth:
"I’ve never wanted Sézane to be defined with a specific style… Sézane is like a woman, it’s always evolving, it’s living."
 (A peek through the window of the beautiful L'Appartement Sézane)


Walk 15 minutes south into the 1st arrondissement and you will find Sept-Cinq nestled in the Forum des Halles, a métro station and shopping center. (Sept-Cinq also has a Pigalle location.) Lindsey gives some background on Sept-Cinq in The New Paris noting that it "began as a bonafide business-school project for Lorna Moquet and Audrey Gallier [and] became a bonafide entrepreneurial venture after graduation." This boutique offers a beautiful collection of small home items, stationary, shoes, and accessories. It also doubles as a salon de thé where you can enjoy tea or coffee alongside a delectable treat. 

Other guides that mention Sept-Cinq:


In 100 Places in France Every Woman Should Go, Marcia DeSanctis credits her discovery of Sept-Cinq to a friend with a "brilliant eye". In Parisian Chic City Guide, Ines de la Fressange refers to it as "the quintessence of the city". With reviews like these, I absolutely had to check it out! 

Even with these glowing recommendations, I wandered to Sept-Cing on a sunny Sunday afternoon not truly knowing what to expect. What I discovered was an unbelievable treat! 

Enter the Forum des Halles location of Sept-Cinq. To your right, you are overwhelmed with a beautifully curated boutique. To your left, you are welcomed by a charming salon de thé. I instantly fell in love, and what was meant to be one stop on my afternoon of wandering turned into my afternoon. 

(Inside Sept-Cinq)

A creator of stationary myself, I spent much of my time admiring the beautiful cards, prints and books. I was tickled to spot this Paris poster by Garance Doré that I've had my eye on. Wandering through the boutique, I was pulled in by the soft touch and creative prints of these Meilleur Ami foulards de soie (silk scarves). While it was the Brooklyn that initially caught my eye, it was this version dotted with mini croissants that stole my heart. Zoé, one of the sales girls, showed me all of the ways the scarf could be worn: infinity, tied around the neck, as a headband... you can see another use I discovered below.

(My Meilleur Ami scarf dresses up this cognac tote beautifully.)

Heading to the register with my scarf and a few postcards for friends, I also spotted a small map intended for those discovering Paris alone. It seemed very fitting for my solo outing, so I added one to my stack. Zoé was also kind enough to open a Citix60 Paris guide for me to peruse while I enjoyed a goûter in the salon de thé. I ended up grabbing that, too, before I left...


After meeting Zoé in the boutique, I met Capucine in the salon de thé. I ordered a café filtre (a traditional drip coffee, the first I had seen in Paris) and she suggested the raspberry vanilla cake. It didn't take much to sell me on that!

There I sat, for about an hour, using the Citix60 Paris guide to add to the Paris list in my bullet journal and writing postcards to friends. Capucine even stopped by my table, intrigued by my journal, and provided me with a lovely opportunity to practice my French. We talked travel and exchanged contact information. I hope to be in touch with her again soon! It was a wonderful solo outing in Paris indeed. 

Considering this one Francophile Friday post only got me through describing TWO of my favorite Parisian spots, you know there is a lot more where that came from. I cannot wait to continue to share my Paris favorites and memories with you. Until then, enjoy a beautiful weekend!

Warm wishes and happy shopping (in Paris or wherever you are) from me to you,

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