July 26, 2017

Wellness Wednesday (n°8): Taking Time for Reflection

(Sketch by me - finally back at it and it feels so good!)

Happy Wednesday, readers! With today's post, I'm going to change it up a bit. It's going to be less about me talking to you and more about you talking with yourself. Over the course of the last week I have been continuously pointed in the direction of self reflection. I have been presented with a variety of questions that are challenging me to get to know myself a little better, and to think about my life and how I want to live it. These are not questions with easy answers. In fact, there may not be one clear answer, and the answers may evolve as you grow and change. Today, I share these questions with you. I will be taking some time to think on these, mediate, journal... and I invite you to do the same. I hope they inspire you and motivate you as they have for me. :) 

⚜How do I want to feel?
⚜What is my spiritual purpose? 
⚜Am I being myself? Do I feel like me? 
⚜What do I surround myself with?
⚜Am I putting myself out there? Am I knocking on doors?

A special thanks to someone in my life and Kate Schelter, author of Classic Style, for providing these questions to ponder. 

Warm wishes from me to you, and happy reflection!


  1. Great questions! I have been pondering some of these as well as I am working on my individual development plan at work. Kim

    1. I am so glad to know you've been thinking about these too. Thinking about the answers has taught me a lot about myself. :)


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