August 11, 2017

Le Bric à Brac: Odds & Ends (n°4)

Bonjour mes amis! Happy Friday! I've got another bric à brac for you today. Does this photo have you curious? In reality, I am 0% French (or if I have any French in me it is very, very little). My family is predominantly German. While France might not be in my genes it's definitely in my heart, so it was fun to find out how French I am with this Talk in French quiz: "How French are you?" 75% "French-ness"! I'll take it! Enjoy this very short and amusing quiz. I'd love to know in the comments, how French are you?? ;-) 

And speaking of the French, after receiving your quiz results, stay a little while longer on Talk in French. Frédéric has another fun article for all of my fellow Francophiles with an inner French girl/guy. Here are 10 myths about French women. I've always been particularly curious about #8, but a French friend recently confirmed for me that this is absolument faux! She shared that French women really don't like any hair that isn't on their head! He's also got a version about French men

A red lip and short red nails are très français! I cannot get enough of this Sisley Paris Phyto-Lip Twist (18 Tango) as recommended by Every Day Parisian. Read this post from one of my favorite skincare companies Blissoma! They are shining a spotlight on the red lip which can "[evoke] passion, love, strength, and courage" and sharing lots of beautiful healthy options. 

And while we are on the topic of all things French... there are still a few days left in The Simply Luxurious Life's French week! I thoroughly enjoyed Monday's podcast with guest Janine Marsh, author of the newly released book My Good Life in France. Shannon also shared Janine's must read blog for francophiles The Good Life in France. I am anxious to dive in to both the book and the blog! 

(Click image for a link to the book!)


Shifting gears a bit, I found a few great links to partner with some of my most recent posts.

If you enjoyed reading about developing your personal style from within, pop on over to the Distant Francophile where she is also talking about personal style as a way to communicate to the world

I have been reflecting a lot lately and shared a list of questions I've been asking myself to find inspiration and motivation. This article from Entrepreneur offered a few more questions to ponder:

What is your ultimate dream; the thing you want more than anything?

What is your true calling in life?

Merci beaucoup for reading. I come across so many fun and interesting things and it is a joy to share my favorites with you! 

Warmest of wishes from me to you
and bon weekend!


  1. Thanks so much for the mention Lauren - I really appreciate it. And I hope you have a fabulous weekend too.

    1. Janelle - absolutely! Your blog is such an inspiration. I look forward to more inspiration from you. I'm actually about to enjoy your latest post with my Sunday coffee. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I'm starting to wonder if there is a result other than 75%? :) haha


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