August 6, 2017

Must Share Francophile Finds!

Bonjour, encore! I've got two petits posts up today because both of these were must shares. If you haven't checked out my post about the new French is Beautiful L'art de VIVRE online course, be sure to check it out here

Now for another exciting francophile find - Shannon Ables of the Simply Luxurious Life is kicking off her 2nd annual French Week aujourd'hui! Shannon explains that this week will offer posts "full of French-inspired ideas, conversation and insights on the culture that piques our interest" + three podcast episodes featuring a French inspired guest (search The Simple Sophisticate on iTunes) and MORE! 

Shannon's Sunday francophile treats include a luxurious French linen giveaway and a post featuring her 10 all-time favorite French books, which you know I adore! Some of these I have read, some are on my francophile bookshelf waiting to be enjoyed. You can find a list of my favorite books with French flair here (always being updated with new discoveries). 

Prenez-plaisir! Enjoy French Week with Shannon! 


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