August 13, 2017

Petits Moments: Finding the Flexibility to Change

I'm pretty much always seeking out new information and experiences. Thursday evening in my yoga class, my very wise teacher talked about how easy it is to be fixed in one certain way of doing things and not feel the flexibility to change. While she was referring to our practice on the mat, it is the ability for yoga to transform your life off the mat that truly amazes me. 

That idea of being fixed? I felt that for a while. I felt fixed in the way my life was. Even though I had other passions and dreams to explore I felt stuck, like my life could only be this one certain way. 

It's funny, but the more I seek out information and experiences, the more life speaks to me. I felt a little lightbulb go off as I listened to my yoga teacher's words, but it wasn't until listening to an episode of the podcast Happier by Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft that I understood what these words fully meant for my life.

Timing is also everything. I haven't listened to Happier in weeks, but as I am completely up to date on The Simple Sophisticate and What Should I Read Next?, I was looking for another show to accompany my morning routine. Happier has always been a favorite.

The theme of Episode 116: Staring a side hustle (which they define as something YOU create on the side that's income generating) and what that can mean for your overall happiness. They go on to explain that this feeling of having something that is YOURS, that YOU created, that YOU are in charge of is not only satisfying and empowering, but also energizing and of course a happiness boost. It's a way, the two hosts explain, "to expand your world" and "make your life bigger." Without being a risk so big you feel a loss of security, it can provide you with feelings of freedom and fun, an outlet for passions you may not get to explore in your day job.

Going back to that fixed feeling, I think this is what I didn't understand before. I didn't understand that it was possible to have it both ways - to feel secure, but to also break out of the daily grind and find the flexibility to integrate more true passion into my life.

Gretchen shares her story of how she transitioned from lawyer to writer. For her, her writing side hustle wasn't at all financial at first but eventually became her life's work. I relate to this completely. My French studies, my art, and my work here at Fleur de St. Louis are what I consider my side hustle, but at this stage I'm not receiving any financial benefits. What I am receiving is a wealth of inspiration, increased self-love, and the growth of a supportive community that has enriched my life more than I imagined possible. Of course I would love to turn these passions into something that gives me the financial freedom to travel more and continue to explore what it means to live your best possible life. That's the dream, and since I found the flexibility to invite change into what once felt fixed, I feel that I am one step closer each and every day. 

I hope today's petit moment brought you some inspiration as you are enjoying your beautiful Sunday morning. If you're feeling fixed as I once felt (and not very far in the past), I hope you begin to feel that you have the power to make your life anything you want it to be. Move in the direction of your dreams, and you will invite the change that you are seeking. I truly believe that. 

I will see you tomorrow, lundi, with a special treat! I'm announcing the final Fleur de St. Louis giveaway of summer. :)

Until then, warm wishes from me to you!

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