September 10, 2017

L'Art de Vivre avec French is Beautiful

Each week for the past 4 weeks, a little bit of Paris has arrived in my inbox. Through the lens of French/Parisian culture I have had the opportunity to explore beauty, wellness, love, and style. I have connected with francophiles from around the country and around the world, deeply touched by their words of wisdom and encouragement. 

Mais comment est-ce possible? How is all of this possible? It's all merci to Carrie Anne James of French is Beautiful for pursuing her passion, believing in her dreams, and letting her French love radiate. Her unique 4 week l'art de VIVRE course included a weekly e-book text, video, audio, and Facebook group interactions. In addition, we participated in two group coaching calls that allowed us to ask Carrie Anne questions live. Hearing the voices of the beautiful women from our online community was a wonderful experience! 

Today, I'm going to share my top takeaways from the course with you. If the course sounds like something that would interest you, check out Carrie Anne's offerings on the French is Beautiful site. You can also follow her on Instagram @french is beautiful OR @theparisdarling for her latest course offerings and even more French content related to both language and culture. Now for my top takeaways from this course that I will carry with me always 💕: 

beauty: la beauté

That French girl je ne sais quoi we all envy is actually the result of very mindful self care, the result of focusing on inner confidence as much or more than on outward appearance. And perfection is never the goal. A few French girl beauty secrets: she takes the time to truly know herself, she feels at ease, and she rocks a classic red lip every now and then. 😉

love: l'amour

Si on sème de l'amour on recueille d'amour. If you sow love, you reap love. The French way is to spend quality time with those you love, to spend a beautiful Sunday with family, a dinner party at home with a close group of friends, to experience a feeling of oneness with votre amour, your romantic love.

wellness: le bien-être

My favorite topic of the course. L'équilibre. Balance. This is the French way. Seeking wellness is not a reaction to a high stressed life as it can be in American culture. Seeking wellness IS life. The French focus on experiencing joy and low levels of stress. Leaning on those tight knit relationship described above and focusing on solutions rather than sulking... that is the mindset of the French. "Work can wait. Love does not." Inspiring words from Carrie Anne. The French listen to their bodies and hearts, follow their joy, and as a result enjoy a reality where time seemingly creates more of itself. Moving forward from this course, I will definitely be focusing on mon bien-être first and foremost. 

style: le style

This encompasses all of the above: your inner feelings about yourself, your relationships, and the way you carry yourself and present yourself to the world. I'm going to quote Carrie Anne's beautiful words here:
"Your personal style is an imprint left upon whom you love, it is a reflection of where you go, it is inspired by what you do and it begins by knowing who you are + what you love." 
Notice that above there is no mention of clothing. Clothes are an expression of style, not style itself. You can read more about my journey with personal style here.

There you have it, a small dose of inspiration from my l'art de VIVRE experience. I say small because I truly am scratching the surface with big picture take aways. To dive deep and experience meaningful conversations and connections surrounding these topics, the course is absolutely the way to go. I cannot recommend it more highly. It was something I looked forward to each week and something I will dearly miss now that it's done... but I find joy in knowing a new course could be just around the corner, and I will be following French is Beautiful closely so that I can seize the next opportunity. 

I hope you have a beautiful week.
Warm wishes from me to you,

Inspiration de la semaine (inspiration of the week):

I made my first sale at the Fleur de St. Louis Atelier! This is an example of me moving towards my joy. The shop is starting small, but I never the less chose to commence. If you are interested, you can visit the shop here. Enjoy. :)

⚜The Fleur de St. Louis Instagram community hit 400 this weekend! The happiness I feel in my heart as I continue to follow my joy and grow connections with others doing the same is immense. Merci to everyone who is here for the journey! 

Fleur de St. Louis now has a Facebook community! Search Fleur de St. Louis Communauté on Facebook and request to join. My dream is that this will be a space for connecting through the lenses of wellness, learning, and creativity with a little French flair, and much much more! 

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  1. I was in l’Art de Vivre with you, but am not on FB so I didn’t make any connections. Lovely experience though! And I’m enjoying having discovered your blog and IG account.



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