September 24, 2017

Les saisons de la vie. The seasons of life.

Bonjour readers, et bon dimanche! Happy Sunday! Friday welcomed the fall season, though here in St. Louis we are still experiencing temperatures in the 90s. I'm awaiting the cooler temperatures, warm colors, crunching leaves, and bonfire smells impatiently. L'automne is my absolute favorite. 

As the seasons change, I can't help but also think about the seasons of our lives - the shifts, the seasons we enjoy, the seasons that feel difficult, and the seasons that we wait for but sometimes take a little longer to arrive. Much like I'm awaiting the transition to fall, I am also awaiting some shifts in my life. And waiting is hard. 

I've already put my summer clothes away and transitioned my closet to fall. I was ready. The season wasn't. I had to go and get some of those summer items back out. It simply wasn't time. I expressed my frustration in having to get my shorts out again to Tony. I want to be wearing my sweaters, my boots, my jeans, my scarves... but at this turning point, patience is required.

In my life, I am also at a turning point where patience is required. I'm very excited for a shift to come, but it has not yet arrived. I've said this before on the blog, and it is something I very much believe to be true. If you tune into your world mindfully and listen, answers you seek have an amazing way of presenting themselves. In the midst of processing all of these feelings, a beautiful reminder arrived in my inbox Friday morning. In her weekly newsletter, Shannon Ables of the Simply Luxurious Life shared the following. It was as if she was speaking to me:
So today, let the angst that impatience is causing you roll of your back, and rest-assured you will meet with success at a time when your journey is meant to meet with success. Simply by understanding such truth, you are already successful as you have brought back to your being more energy, more contentment, and less worry. 
What a beautiful reminder at a moment in my life when I am feeling angst and impatience. I have the power to invite contentment in, it's simply a matter of perspective - taking a few steps back to realize that what feels frustrating now will pass. It may take more time for the fall season I am so eagerly awaiting to be here, but it will come. And so, too, will the life shifts I am awaiting. 

As always, thank you so much for stopping by, for reading, and for sharing in my journey. It is my sincere hope that in telling my story, you might just find something that speaks to you right at the moment you need it. 

This week was a particularly busy one, so I didn't have the opportunity to collect those beautiful inspiration de la semaine links, but I did stumble upon a blog post that is in many ways in line with the thoughts I shared today. Caroline Joy of Unfancy shares a difficult season of her life and reminds us that nous ne sommes pas seuls. We are not alone. Click here to read her story. I think it might just speak to you. It certainly spoke to me. 

Merci beaucoup for being here 
and as always, warm wishes from me to you,


  1. J’aime beacoup ce “post!” It’s a good reminder to be patient ~ to slow down and be “in the moment” and to enjoy the process, the journey of getting there. We are too often in a rush; good things will come in due time!

    1. Kristan - je suis très contente que vous l'ayez aimé. :) This is so important to remember, though not always easy. Trusting the journey and letting your life unfold can be such a beautiful thing. I'm working on experiencing that beauty more!


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