October 1, 2017


I'm sitting here eating a late dinner with about 4 hours left in my Sunday. There is a pile of unfolded laundry in front of me. Homework is unfinished. You get the picture - life is incredibly busy right now. I've spent most of this day trying to come to terms with the fact that today, on my 6 month "blogiversary" (technically is was yesterday), I might experience my first week since the start of Fleur de St. Louis without posting. Not only did I feel like I didn't have time to write, I wasn't sure I had anything worth saying. And then it dawned on me, as I was hanging the wet laundry, that finding l'équilibre, balance, is of the utmost importance right now and that sharing these thoughts would be the perfect theme for today.

I was texting a good friend earlier today and we were discussing some of our recent struggles. She asked me, "Why is balance so hard to find?", and that got me thinking. When I think about balance, I visualize an old fashioned scale. Just a little too much on one side and the balance is thrown off completely. Just as this image portrays, I feel that balance in life is such a delicate thing. Too much university work and I'm thrown off at school. Too much school work and I'm thrown off with my blog and business. Too much blog and business and I'm thrown off with tasks at home. (I guess I need a balance with at least 4 plates instead of the traditional two...) It's difficult to get it just right, to get that dial to hover right there in the middle where there is equilibrium and harmony. 

The art of finding l'équilibre is something I truly admire about the French culture. In my recent l'art de vivre course with Carrie Anne James of French is Beautiful, she described the French approach to balance beautifully:
"From work-life balance, to eating in moderation, to creating time, to connecting with nature + loved ones, the French have a perspective that is truly holistic and that centers around upping your joy + striving consistently to live with a low level of stress. Doesn't that sound, simply, lovely?"
I think I could learn a thing or two from the French. 😉 That's why discovering more about their language and culture is one of my life's passions. I talk about Carrie Anne often because as an American expat, she is such a wonderful window into how discovering the French culture has the power to change your life. In our course, she talked about feeling so "American" when work kept her from going out and spending quality time with friends. She explained:
"That sense of getting everything done today, of not being enough, was overwhelmingly present when I started my life in Paris as it was in stark contrast to the rhythm of those around me."
Carrie Anne, that feeling you had is a feeling I feel every day, and I am on a journey right now to discover a different way of living that will up my joy and lower my stress. This is the life I seek, and I know that with continued self-discovery and exploration of other cultures and lifestyles I will find a balance that works for me. 

I share this with you today because Fleur de St. Louis is a place where I come to move toward my joy, and it is important for me that you see me as I truly am. Of course I love to highlight beautiful images and joyful moments, but that isn't always the reality. In one of my language courses we just talked about digital communication, and how easy it is to develop false images online. It is my sincere hope that when you come here, you sense an authentic version of me leaping from the page. In  sensing that, I hope you feel less alone, connecting to someone who feels the way you might feel too. And as always, we will continue to be inspired with a little French flair as we continue our journeys to live our best possible lives. 😊

Thank you so much for being here, for taking the time out of your busy day to read something that I hope will help you begin to find the l'équilibre you seek. I don't have all of the answers, but knowing you are on this journey with me puts an extra pep in my step! Speaking of community, if you haven't gotten a chance, check out the Fleur de St. Louis Communauté on Facebook and join today! It is my vision that this becomes a place where fellow Francophiles and dreamers come together to support and encourage one another through the lens of a love of French. 

Warmest wishes for a life of équilibre from me to you,


  1. Beautifully put about finding that point of balance and motion between all the goals/activities before us. Takes focus and a gentle touch. You have a lovely way of being appreciative. XO

    1. Merci Sherrylynne! Thank you so much for reading and being a part of this community! :)

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