December 21, 2017

FdSTL Eighth Day of Christmas: Eight Francophile Ladies

As I type this tonight, I'm reveling in the fact that mes vacances have finally begun! Over the next eleven days, I am looking forward to a slower pace, holiday celebrations with friends and family, and more time to immerse myself in all things with a little French flair. 

In this post I'm sharing eight francophile ladies who inspire me. It's no question women (and men) all over the world are enamored of France. I'm fascinated with the fact that each time I discover a fellow francophile, she has her own unique spin on her love of France. The eight ladies I'm sharing today all have a little different perspective which is wonderful for expanding your knowledge of France, its language, and its culture. Allons-y! Let's go! 

A simply luxurious French lifestyle with Shannon Ables
Shannon was one of the first francophiles I discovered when I started looking for people who share my love of France. A high school teacher in Oregon whose love of France began with a study abroad in Angers, Shannon shares the ways in which the French culture inspires her simply luxurious life. Her mission: to pass these inspirations along so that we may all cultivate lives of true contentment. I first found Shannon via her podcast The Simple Sophisticate and am now a regular follower of her blog, The Simply Luxurious Life. She shares even more information in her book, Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman's Guide. Follow her on Instagram @thesimplyluxuriouslife.


Picture perfect Paris with Rebecca Plotnick

I first discovered Rebecca's blog  The Every Day Parisian through her Paris Diaries. Each time I visit her blog, her stories and images sweep me away to Paris. A Chicagoan, Rebecca loves to maintain a Parisian lifestyle at home and away. She travels to Paris often where she does much of her work as a professional photographer. I am so inspired by the way that Rebecca found a way to make a Parisian lifestyle her reality. You can purchase her beautiful work through her online shop. I purchased a few prints and they are a true window to Paris no matter where in the world you may be. Follow her on Instagram @rebeccaplotnick and @everydayparisian. 

French language love with Carrie Anne James

Carrie Anne is an American expat living in Paris and spreading the French love in all that she does. She runs French is Beautiful where she provides lessons in French language and culture online. Last August I participated in her L'Art de Vivre course (read my post about this here) and had an absolutely delightful experience. I'm so looking forward to hearing about her new course offerings this January. Get a taste of Carrie Anne's style by subscribing to her FREE daily pronunciation e-mail. Follow her on Instagram @theparisdarling and @frenchisbeautiful. 

The sweet side of Paris with Amy Thomas

Amy Thomas's book Paris, My Sweet: A Year in the City of Light (and Dark Chocolate)caught my eye when I was browsing one of my local book stores. I devoured her sweet memoir about a move from New York to Paris to work for Louis Vuitton. Amy never misses an opportunity to stop and savor a sweet treat, and her book includes a list of her favorite pâtisseries in both Paris and New York. She no longer posts on her blog God, I Love Paris, but it is still a wonderful place to find French inspiration. Follow her on Instagram and @godiloveparis.

The green side of Paris with Kristen Beddard
I actually found Kristen through Rebecca's book club. Kristen's book Bonjour Kale: A Memoir of Paris, Love, and Recipes was the first of her 12 francophile book selections this year. It is in this way that I discovered Kristen's incredible Kale Project. An American who moved to Paris with her husband for his job, Kristen realized how hard it was to find kale and took it upon herself to bring kale to Paris. You've got to read it for yourself. Her story is incredibly unique. Follow her on Instagram @kristenbeddard and @thekalepoject. 

The new Paris with Lindsey Tramuta 
A food and travel journalist living in Paris with her French husband, Lindsey of the blog Lost in Cheeseland took an interest in the ways in which Paris is evolving and compiled all of her discoveries into a beautiful book called The New Paris. I had the chance to meet Lindsey at her Chicago book tour stop (read my post about this here) and used her book when planning our trip to Paris this past summer (read my post about this here). She even has a menu item named after her at Café Oberkampf in Paris (how cool is that?!) and is featured in several episodes of one of my favorite podcasts, The Earful Tower. She also has her own podcast, The New Paris Podcast, where she expands on the ideas and content of her book. Follow her on Instagram @lostncheeseland.

An artist's view of Paris with Janice MacLeod
The most recent book I finished was Janice McLeod's A Paris Year: My Day-to-Day Adventures in the Most Romantic City in the World. In this book, Janice chronicles a year in Paris through beautiful watercolor paintings, interesting anecdotes, and French cultural tidbits. Also author of Paris Letters, Janice started a project painting letters about her travels and mailing them to subscribers. You can subscribe to Janice's letters here. I'm not yet a subscriber but thinking this would be an amazing birthday gift (mine is coming up in January). Follow her on Instagram @janiceartship. 


Expat life in France with Janine Marsh
Last on the list today but certainly not least is Janine Marsh, author of My Good Life in France (my current read) and creator of The Good Life in France blog. Janine is an expat in France from England who was recently featured on Shannon's The Simple Sophisticate podcast (listen here). Her blog is a wonderful resource for all things France. I have recently become interested in growing my knowledge of cities/regions other than Paris and have found myself referencing her blog a lot. When she says it's everything you want to know about France and more... she's not kidding! Follow her on Instagram @thegoodlifefrance.

PS: Notice how my last francophile on the list circled back to my first francophile on the list?  This is truly a community of French love that I feel so grateful to be a part of. 

Enjoy inspiration from these eight fabulous francophiles!
Warmest of wishes for les vacances from me to you,


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