December 24, 2017

FdSTL Eleventh Day of Christmas: A French Inspired Christmas Eve Meal

Merry Christmas Eve to all! For the past four Christmases Tony and I have spent Christmas Eve ordering pizza in and watching a Christmas movie. This year we are still eating in and there will still be a holiday movie (I'm thinking The Shop Around the Corner), but we're doing things with a lot more French flair. This morning I got to unwrap an early gift. I tore away the paper to reveal a beautiful cookbook, A Kitchen in France: A Year of Cooking in My Farmhouse by Mimi Thorisson. Tony suggested that rather than order our usual pizza, we pick one of Mimi's recipes and give it a go. We chose her potato pie with comté cheese. A recipe from the winter section (her book is organized by seasons), it sounded like the perfect cozy comfort food on this cold Christmas Eve night. As I describe the meal below, you will find 11 French foodie words in celebration of this eleventh day of Christmas. Enjoy!

With a glass of vin rouge close by (I picked up a bottle of La Ferme Julien vin rouge at Trader Joe's), dinner preparations began with a pâte brisée, an unsweetened pastry dough that works well for both sweet and savory dishes... tonight for the savory. While the dough chilled, I started a batch of gougères avec le gruyère (I used a recipe shared by Rebecca of Every Day Parisian). These delectable bites were the perfect amuse-bouche.

les gougères

To finish the potato pie, we filled the pâte brisée with layers of les patates, les oignons, bacon and comté cheese. While our pie baked, we enjoyed a salade de poires avec les canneberges and vinaigre balsamique. I had the pears and cranberries around the house already, which inspired this dish. 

la salade de poires avec les canneberges

 Mimi Thorisson's potato pie with comté cheese

I loved our fun tradition of ordering pizza in, but I think we may have just started a whole new tradition. Creating our beautiful meal from start to finish was such a fun experience and made each bite all the more satisfying. 

*Merci beaucoup to Tony for helping me capture and edit a few photos of our dinner, and for gifting the cookbook that brought this new tradition into being. 

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.
Joyeux Noël!
Warm wishes from me to you,


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