December 20, 2017

FdSTL Seventh Day of Christmas: Seven Sweet Sayings

Bonjour mes lecteurs, my readers! Aujourd'hui I share seven sweet sayings en français from a few of my favorite French language Instagram accounts. If you're like me, you find yourself scrolling through Instagram often, so why not make it an opportunity to bring more French into your every day? The sweet sayings I chose today reminded me of the wonderful family time the holiday season brings. Enjoy and be sure to give these accounts a follow!

I love this account by Carrie Anne James (you can also follow her at @theparisdarling). What I like best about Carrie Anne's posts is that she always provides audio so that you can hear the French pronunciation. Joyeux Noël de moi à vous. Enjoy the time to être en famille. :)
(Merry Christmas!) + (to be with family)

Mélissa is the face behind this beautiful account. A French teacher in Australia, she shares not only phrases, but also information about grammar and sounds. I love that with family you can always faites comme chez vous and indulge with un bon vin blanc ou rouge. 

(make yourself at home) +  (a good white wine)

Their motto: "Every day a new French word, quote, or idiom. Why? Because French is beautiful." There's nothing quite like a good éclat de rire. Some of my favorite family memories are those of us laughing so hard it hurts. Things are simply better ensemble

If you were counting, that was six. The last sweet saying is a wish I would like to share with each of you this holiday season.

Soyez heureux, en bonne santé, et rempli de joie. 
Be happy, healthy, and full of joy.

Warm wishes to you and your family from me to you,

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