December 19, 2017

FdSTL Sixth Day of Christmas: Six Podcast Episodes Playing

Ever since my fiancé introduced me to the world of podcasts I haven't been able to get enough. Once I realized just how wide a variety of content was out there, I began discovering shows that fit my interests to a T. Several of the blogs I follow have a companion podcast (you can see that list here) and I have mentioned podcast episodes often on the blog as I am constantly finding inspiration related to wellness, learning and creativity (often with French flair!). 

Today I am going to share six podcast episodes that will bring a little French flair to your holidays and inspire you as you begin thinking about the possibilities for 2018. These are perfect to listen to as you wrap gifts, bake in the kitchen, or run last minute errands. All of these podcasts are free to download in the iTunes store, but you can also listen on your computer by clicking the links below. Enjoy!

*I indicated my top favorites with a little

⚜1. Join Us in France Ep. 45: Christmas Markets in France 
(Dec. 6, 2014)

2. Join Us in France Ep. 132: At the Paris Christmas Market 
(Dec. 5, 2016)

3. The Simple Sophisticate Ep. 132: How to Finish the Year Strong 
(Nov. 28, 2016)

⚜4. The Simple Sophisticate Ep. 188: 18 Secrets & Life Lessons from the French Culture to Begin 2018 
(Dec. 18, 2017)

⚜5. Happier Holiday Hack: What's Your One-Word Theme for the New Year?
(Dec. 11, 2016) 

6. Happier Ep. 147: 18 for 2018
(Dec. 12, 2017)
Happy listening!
Warm wishes from me to you,

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