December 16, 2017

FdSTL Third Day of Christmas: Three French Phrases

Happy Saturday and third day of Christmas here on Fleur de St. Louis! For today's petit cadeau I'm sharing three French phrases to add to your French language répertoire (a vrai ami meaning a word that means the same in English as it does in French). 

This post is appearing on the blog a little later in the day today because Tony and I, nous avons fait la grasse matinée. And here we have French phrase #1:

faire la grasse matinée
(to sleep in)

Listen to Carrie Anne James of French is Beautiful pronounce this lovely phrase here (her accent is truly beautiful). I plan to faire la grasse matinée a few times over my holiday vacation. :)

Speaking of holiday vacation, if you are planning to extend your time off by taking a day before or after your already given vacation days, you are very French indeed as the French love to faire le pont. Here's French phrase #2: 

faire le pont
(to have an extra long weekend)

Pont means bridge en français. This year Christmas is on a Monday and already attached to the weekend. However, next year Christmas falls on a Tuesday. Many of us will already have Monday off to observe Christmas Eve, but for those that don't you may choose to faire le pont. Instead of going into work for one day between the weekend and Christmas, you would take Monday off to "bridge" your weekend with your holiday. Who doesn't love a nice, extended vacation? I love that the French have a phrase to express this. You can read more about this phrase here on ThoughtCo. I have found myself coming to this site often as I expand my knowledge of the French language. 

Finally, as we enjoy this holiday and transition into a new year, many of us will avoir un projet. Here we have today's French phrase #3:

avoir un projet 
(to make plans, to have a future vision)

The start of a new year is such a lovely time. A fresh start leaves you feeling like there is nothing but opportunity and possibility. I know I will certainly avoir un projet for 2018. One or two of these plans may even already be in the works... ;) 

I hope you enjoyed today's post and maybe even added a phrase or two to your French language knowledge. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday! I'm looking forward to seeing you back tomorrow for the next post in this Fleur de St. Louis days of Christmas series.

Warm wishes from me to you 
(today in St. Louis it is an oddly warm December day at 61°),

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