December 25, 2017

FdSTL Twelfth Day of Christmas: Twelve Dreams for Doing

Joyeux Noël readers! Here we are on the twelfth day, Christmas day. With lights twinkling, music playing, family gathered, and everything cozy, there's just something magical about this time. Our gifts are unwrapped, our bellies and our hearts are full. I'm sipping a hot peppermint tea wrapped in a favorite blanket by the tree, and I can't help but think of the beautiful opportunities that the new year will soon bring. I believe there is a way to keep the magic felt during the holidays going by continuing to dream and then making plans to do

Rêver v. Faire was one of my favorite posts of 2017, and I'm looking forward to making my dreams (big and small) realities in 2018. Here are twelve of my dreams for doing (at least I'm going to give it an honest try!). I hope you'll feel inspired to make your own list of dreams for doing. After all, the mission of Fleur de St. Louis is to allow passions to flourish as we move in the direction of our dreams. :)

12 Dreams for Doing:
1. Bring more reading into my life (goal: read 30 books)
2. Care for my body and mind through weekly yoga practice (in studio or at home)
3. Continue to improve my French language through conversation, reading, TV, movies, etc. 
4. When I can, walk or bike instead of drive
5. Save for and thoughtfully purchase foundational pieces for a capsule wardrobe
6. Make a new recipe each week (and generally eat more home cooked meals)
7. Focus on incorporating more seasonal and local produce into our meals
8. Take advantage of the arts in my city (museums, movies, theatre, concerts etc.)  
9. Paint/draw/hand letter purely for the love of creating 
10. Plan when needed, let it flow the rest of the time
11. Try a little solo traveling. 
12. Make it back to France (and Paris!)

That's a wrap (no holiday pun intended) on this Fleur de St. Louis Twelve Days of Christmas series. I hope you enjoyed adding a little French flair to your holidays! I'll be taking the next few days to spend more time with Tony, family, and friends. À bientôt! See you soon!

Warm wishes from me to you,

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