February 16, 2018

Le Bien Être: Finding Joy in the Present Moment

"Vous n'avez pas besoin d'attendre [un changement] pour ressentir dès maintenant une certaine couleur, une certaine version de ces émotions que vous recherchez."

- Clotilde Dusoulier 

I heard this quote yesterday on Change Ma Vie, an excellent podcast en français hosted by Clotilde Dusoulier. My translation:  You don't need to wait for a change to feel a certain color, a certain version of the emotions that you are looking for. I am currently waiting on something in my life. The anticipation is a beautiful thing, an exciting feeling. Yet in anticipating, I also find myself projecting forward often, thinking about how wonderful things will be when what I await finally arrives. I envision myself overwhelmed with feelings of excitement and contentment, overflowing with inspiration, rejuvenated and full of new energy. 

Clotilde's words reminded me that I don't have to wait for what "will be". "Will be" are words that describe the future, but I am right here, right now, in this present moment. It is possible to feel excitement, contentment, inspiration, rejuvenation, and energy NOW. They may not manifest exactly as I imagine them in my vision of the future, but they can exist today in their own color, their own version. 

As I sit here on this Friday evening, heading into a three day weekend that's kicking off with some quality girlfriend time, I feel content. I feel excited. Clotilde's podcast inspired me and that inspiration gave me a renewed sense of energy, a desire to get these thoughts down so that they might inspire you, too. I believe that if we pause to notice the joys in our every days (because sometimes for me noticing the not so joyful things seems to come more naturally...), we can see that in a way, we already have that which we seek. It may not look how we have pictured it in our minds eye, and we may need to reframe our thinking, but I bet you, in some form, it is there. 

None of this to say stop dreaming or anticipating. Not at all, and Clotilde does a beautiful job of making that clear as well. For me, it was just a lovely reminder that all we really have is the present moment, so why wait to cultivate a life you love living using what you have, where you are? 

You can listen to this episode of Change Ma Vie here. Not only is it an excellent way to integrate the French language into your daily life, the inspiration provided might very well change votre vie.

Warm wishes for a beautiful weekend from me to you,


  1. I pray, dear Lauren, that on this first day of Spring, that the anticipation of your wedding, the upcoming season of warmth and blossoms, a summer teaching break and honeymoon fills your heart with hope and giddiness!

    1. Bonjour, Sherrylynne! Happy first day of spring to you, too! There is certainly much to be hopeful and giddy about. This comment made my day. I just wrote my first post in a while - I have been missing this community and spring has me feeling renewed! Hope spring brings you these same joys. :)


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