March 20, 2018

Invitation à l'Inspiration

Bonjour mes lecteurs!  Hello readers!

Merci pour votre patience. These slow winter months here on Fleur de St. Louis have very much been a reflection of my life. I chose the word F R E E as my theme for 2018, and creating a sense of freedom has required me to s l o w down, to make space for the life I desire to flourish.

And with flourishing in mind, how fortuitous that today also marks the arrival of spring. It was just about this time a year ago when I was full of inspiration and decided to commence, to begin this community. Today, my words from that very post are bringing me back to my intention: "That which has the potential to blossom from simply beginning can stretch beyond your wildest dreams. You just have to take that leap."

While I haven't been as present here on the blog, I have been working towards taking some exciting leaps that I look forward to sharing with you soon. But for today, in honor of le printemps - a season that represents renewal and growth - I am going to talk inspiration and what I am doing to invite more of it into my life. :)

This week is my spring break, mes vacances de printemps. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I spent my first first rainy and cloudy day off immersing myself in the things I adore.

Voila a beautiful Paris photograph by the talented Rebecca Plotnick, a BAIES diptyque candle (my first time burning it and it smelled amazing), and author Angie Niles' Bright Lights Paris.

Immediately this inspiration sparked an organic flow. Angie's book is organized by neighborhood and each chapter paints a picture of a woman who might live there. As I explored Paris alongside the Tuileries girl, taking a day trip outside of Paris to Versailles, I knew I needed to watch Marie Antoinette. It had been years and I had forgotten what a treat this film is (not to mention it is chock-full of beautiful pâtisseries). 


The Tuileries girl also took me back to Angelina where just this past summer I had the pleasure of sipping a chocolat chaud in the very same room where Coco Chanel herself once enjoyed this simple luxury. 

chocolat chaud at Angelina on rue de Rivoli

The thought of a rich and decadent chocolat chaud reminded me that I have been wanting to try the sipping chocolate at St. Louis's own chocolaterie : Bissinger's. I will definitely be making time this week to enjoy a cup. Paired with Georgianna Lane's Paris in Bloom, this sounds like just the way to bid adieu to winter and say bienvenue to spring


Today's post was a bit of a potpourri, but I am so glad that you are here, that you have been patient during my pause, and I hope it serves as an invitation à l'inspiration for you! 

How do you invite more inspiration into your life? I would love to know in the comments below. 

Warm wishes from me to you,


  1. Bonjour, Lauren! I'm getting ready for a trip back to Paris, leaving April 17 for two weeks! I'm immersing myself in Paris books, so your blog today just fit right in for me! Are you planning to go to MoBot for the talk on French kitchens? I have my reservation so maybe we could finally meet in person!

    1. Cheryl, I always love hearing from you! I would LOVE to attend that event but we will still be in school. I just shared another event with you - a tour of French art at the St. Louis Art Museum. Maybe this could be our opportunity! If not, a brunch or Nathaniel Reid meet up would be wonderful! I haven't forgotten about you! :)

    2. And if I would have payed attention to your dates I would have seen that YOU will be in Paris!!!


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