Où je suis. Where I am.

Où je suis. Where I am.

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Bonjour chers readers,

After several months away (about 5!) it feels good to be back. I’ve had so many exciting things going on in my life, so many things that I would love to write and share with you. Yet at the same time, sitting down to document everything began to feel like a “to-do”, a feeling I never want to associate with a passion project like Fleur de St. Louis. I needed to take some time to let that pressure go and simply live in the moment of what I was experiencing. I’m so happy I did, and so happy to be back to relive many of these beautiful moments + continue to share the ways that I’m living with a little French flair each and every day.

So where I am I right now?

I’ve been home from my teach abroad for about four months (and still have much to share from the months of April and May). I just finished the first three weeks of my dream job. Introducing Madame Alspach, French teacher! Sharing my passion for the French language and culture with my middle school students is something I have envisioned for some time now, and I feel incredibly grateful that it is finally my reality. Adding to the excitement, Tony & I have three months until our wedding day! Oh, and did I mention that in the midst of starting this new job and planning a wedding I also snuck back to France for three weeks to study abroad and complete the last six credits of my BA in French? I think whirlwind might describe my life best, but the magical Disney’s Pocahontas kind of whirlwind filled with swirls of glittering, colorful leaves, because it truly has been a beautiful ride.

Tony & I are settled into our new apartment. The biggest wedding details are checked off the list and planning feels more manageable. I’m getting into more of a groove at work. I have a feeling of calm, and just in that moment an incredible thing happened. I started getting e-mails about the blog, readers from as near as St. Louis to as far as Australia checking in because they hadn't heard from me for a while or reaching out about my experiences in France. It’s like the universe was letting me know it was time to get back to it, that there was space for this project again, still more magic to be created.

I can’t say exactly how this next chapter of Fleur de St. Louis will unfold, but I have some intentions. I want to continue telling the stories of my eight months abroad in France. I want to take you on a journey to Strasbourg, France where I studied this summer. It is now a city that has a very special place in my heart. I want to keep you up to date with the wedding and the ways we will be sprinkling in the French flair I so love. I might even pull some archived posts from my original site and take some trips down memory lane! So many possibilities, and as always, I am so happy to have you along for the ride.

I’m usually more active on my Instagram account just because it is so easy to post in share, so give me a follow @fleurdestlouis!

A long overdue warm wishes from me to you, and I can’t wait to be together again on the blog!

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